Light bait

We offer different models of led light sticks with various patterns, different lengths or width, simple or with drawings, rigid or flexible plastics, of (Ø) different diameters and sizes, blue/white/red tricolor France, stars, hearts, whips, flowers, roses, spring ect...
We impose on our manufacturing plants a type of high-quality battery in order to obtain a long working life on all our articles and light gadgets.
Massive arrival planned in September and October 2022.

Our articles are aimed at: Forains, travelers, circus, resellers, fete de la musique, 14 July, town halls, local communities, village parties, fairies, corporate committees, merchants, shows, concerts, stadiums, private...

Our company located in Marseille specializes in import/export of light products, wholesale/half wholesale sale for suppliers, wholesalers, sellers ect...


Light bait

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